Environmental Policy

We have a responsibility to care for the environment.
We believe this care should be integrated into all aspects of our operations.

Environmental Policy

ONCALL is committed to finding ways of providing environmentally sustainable services to our clients. Some of our key environmental endeavours are described below:


Conference Management

Each mode of conference preparation is kept as paperless as possible. Contracts for our interpreters and/or translators are securely sent and received electronically. Any flight and accommodation bookings are sent electronically. Preparation material is consolidated in-house by ONCALL and distributed electronically via email as well as via storage on memory stick.


Bookings and Administration

For our community/social interpreting requirements, ONCALL has systems in place which can eliminate all paper usage by communication with clients via electronic means i.e. confirmations, cancellations, invoicing, reports, distribution of assignments to interpreters via web based applications and similarly booking requests by clients via ONCALL’s online system. ONCALL’s implementation of a new bookings and phone systems across Australia has further improved electronic communication.

In addition any other customer needs in the area of environmental performance in order to meet government requirements, ONCALL is in a position to comply. ONCALL is constantly striving to further develop our environmental policy.


Video Conference Interpreting

The introduction of Video Conference interpreting meant that where interpreters used to travel, face-to-face interpreting sessions can now be held via video. This has seen a reduction in the amount of travel some interpreters have undertaken, as well as a reduction in costs for our clients and ONCALL. The follow on effects include a reduction in carbon emissions by our organisation.


Office Equipment

ONCALL utilises Australian Waste Management who are a 100% Australian, family owned and operated recycling and waste management operation based in Melbourne, Victoria.

Australian Waste Management are focused on providing a range of environmentally friendly recycling and waste management services designed to rescue recyclable waste from landfill and assist customers with lowering their waste management costs while still helping the environment.


Marketing Material

ONCALL uses electronic business cards containing copies of our marketing material to reduce our reliance on print documents. This environmentally friendly practice allows potential clients to review information about ONCALL on their computers without being burdened by heavy marketing collateral. This is also proving to be a novel form of marketing, and we often receive remarks about the innovative and ‘green’ idea.

ONCALL is familiar with environmentally sustainable principles and is committed to sustainable development through its own implementation of common sense strategies adopted in a consistent manner on a national basis.