Education & eLearning

Education & eLearning

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Education & eLearning

Educational sector language requirements are quite wide reaching, and can range from interpreting at parent-teacher interviews to translating a website for international student intake at colleges and universities.

Interpreting services are utilised to assist in communication between the school and the parents of students who do not speak English. This could be during enrolment at the school, parent-teacher meetings, behavioural issues and more.

ONCALL also has expertise in the localisation and translation of education and eLearning material. The service is not only beneficial for schools or universities, but also for global organisations desiring to deliver targeted, relevant instructions to new employees, students, or customers. 

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Education & eLearning Clients

ONCALL’s current education and eLearning clients include:

Local Primary Schools

Local High Schools

International Colleges


Global Organisations

Education & eLearning Services

Educational professionals have found the following education and eLearning services to be useful:

Onsite Interpreting

Video Conference Interpreting

Telephone Interpreting

Translation of Student Records, Reports and eLearning Material

Areas of Expertise

ONCALL provides education and eLearning translators experienced within a wide range of fields including:

School Notices

Individual Student Reports

School Manuals

eLearning Material


Letters to the Parent


International College or University Websites

International Student Course Content

Examination Instructions

New Student Orientation