Government & Community

Government & Community

Ensure that in a linguistically diverse community,
language is not a barrier to accessing services

Government & Community

Providing impartial access to interpreting and translation services is vital in both the government and community sectors. At ONCALL we can improve your customer service delivery to individuals who speak languages other than English, as well as protect the interests of you and your client.

Poor communication results in frustration or misunderstandings, and can lead to prosecution if a client feels they have been misrepresented because of unclear communication. Having a good grounding in cross-cultural issues can also help your staff to deliver quality client services with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. ONCALL can provide tailored training packages to suit your needs.

Whether dealing with clients, meeting visiting delegates or undertaking research with culturally and linguistically diverse communities, ONCALL has a range of interpreting and translation solutions to meet your needs.

Government & Community Translation Services

We provide interpreting and translation services on a daily basis to a number of federal, state and local administrative organisations including those in rural and regional areas. Offered interpreting and translation services include:

Federal Government Departments (Including Community Services)

State Government Departments (e.g. Govt of Queensland)

Courts Nationwide

Police (Federal & State)

Municipalities & Shires across Australia

Services Available

Interpreting and translation services that have proven to be useful in the Government and Community sectors include:

Areas of Expertise

ONCALL provides interpreting and translation services for a wide range of fields including:



Customs Compliance

Taxation Information

International Security

Application Forms

Technical & Sensitive


Social Welfare


Military & Defence