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Healthcare & Medical

Improved healthcare through better understanding

Healthcare & Medical

In the field of medicine, duty of care and accurate communication are essential for delivering timely, quality healthcare. Failure to communicate effectively or to acquire the right consent form from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) clients can result in negligence. Ignoring language barriers or relying on unqualified individuals to provide interpretation often results in medical care shortcomings such as incorrect prescriptions or misunderstandings about post-operative care.

At a minimum, this can lead to additional medical appointments; however, in certain situations the outcome may be more serious. Without the right healthcare interpreter or translator, both the facility and the active practitioner could be liable for the resulting negligence. At ONCALL, we offer professional healthcare interpreting and translation services to eliminate the stress and fear of miscommunication.

Our experienced healthcare interpreters and translators allow you to remain focused on delivering quality medical services to individuals. Hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organisations, and healthcare managers have come to rely on ONCALL for their healthcare interpreting and translation needs.

Services For Every Medical Field!

We provide qualified healthcare interpreters with extensive experience in the health field for onsite, video, or telephone interpreting consultations in more than 230 languages. ONCALL translates brochures, care instructions, consent forms, and customer charters to help deliver superior customer service. If you are seeking dependable written or verbal communication for protecting your interests and delivering the utmost care, we are here to help! ONCALL’s current healthcare interpretation and translation service clients include:

Hospitals & Nurses

Community Health Centres

Mental Health Centres

Hearing Centres

Maternal & Child Health Centres

Rehabilitation Providers

General Practitioners




Health Insurance Companies

Social Workers & Other Allied Health Professionals

Areas of Expertise

We offer several healthcare interpreting and translation services to aid health professionals in achieving reliable communication regardless of the dialect or language. Our clients have found offered services such as onsite interpreting, telephone interpreting, healthcare translation, and cross-cultural programs to be helpful. ONCALL provides professional interpreters and translators with experience in a wide range of fields including:

Clinical Trials

Medical Reports



Patient Education

Consent Forms

Fact Sheets

Study Protocols

Labels & Packaging

Lab Reports

Patient Questionnaires

Brochures & Marketing Material

Contact us today to learn how our team of qualified healthcare interpreters and translators can help you achieve effective communication with patients or medical facilities for improved safety and service!