Industries of Expertise

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Industries of Expertise

When you need an experienced interpreter or translator, it is important to not only gain the knowledge of individuals who are fluent in the language, but also in the industry in which you operate. Our professionals have vast knowledge in a number of industries, languages, and cultures. We will provide you with an accurate, industry-specific translation or interpretation that maintains business goals and communicates to employees, customers, or individuals exactly as you need it to for the specified industry.

ONCALL specialises in a number of industries including:

Healthcare & Medical – Life Sciences

Education & eLearning


Media &Entertainment

Tourism & Hospitality

Government & Community

Banking and Finance

Technology & IT

Mining & Resources

Law & Legal

Export & International Trade

Logistics & Transport

Non-Government Organisations


Human Resources & Employment Agencies

Market Research/ Marketing and PR

Retail Consumer Goods

If your industry is not listed above, we can still help you achieve translation or interpretation goals, as ONCALL also provides expertise in a range of other industries including:




Real Estate

Sport & Recreation

Construction and Engineering

Professional Conference Organisers