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In professional fields where duty of care is of paramount importance, ONCALL’s justice interpreting and translation services make a major contribution by ensuring accuracy of communication between all involved parties.

Poor communication can result in additional frustration or troublesome misunderstandings. At worst, it can lead to legal action and further appeals if a client feels they have been misrepresented as a result of unclear communication.

At ONCALL we can protect the interests of both the provider and the CALD client by ensuring accurate transfer of information in matters of duty of care and legal responsibility.

ONCALL has in-depth knowledge and experience of working within the Justice framework. Due to the sensitive nature of the legal sector, all of our court interpreters and translators are bound by strict codes of practice and rigorous confidentiality agreements. We provide accurate, certified interpreting and translation services in over 230 languages, with quick turnaround.

Furthermore, all of our translators and court interpreters are fully qualified experts in their field, so you can be certain that they will use appropriate terminology.

Interpreting Clients

ONCALL’s clients within the Justice field include:

Courts Nationwide (All Jurisdictions)

Police (Federal & State)

Transport Services

Workers Compensation Related Services



Medical Tribunals

Interpreting Services for Legal Professionals

Legal professionals have found these justice services to be useful:

Areas of Expertise

ONCALL provides court interpreters and translators experienced in a wide range of fields including:

Witness Statements

Victim Support Letters

Court Summons





Police Checks

Public Information Material