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Marketing &
Public Relations

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Marketing & Public Relations

ONCALL understands that it is not just about translating the text into the target language; it is also about communicating the correct marketing message in the target language. Through the process of localisation, the team at ONCALL will adapt marketing or public relations (PR) content to meet the linguistic, cultural, and technical requirements of a specific target market.

ONCALL provides a wide range of services to help you localise your content and maximise exposure. Be it brochures, websites or email campaigns, ONCALL can provide an integrated solution that works for you.

Marketing and PR requirements are occasionally urgent, and if so we work with our clients to endeavour to find the most cost-effective and accurate solution to suit their needs. With a global network of over 7,000 professional marketing & PR interpreters and translators, we have the industry knowledge and expertise to meet your demands.

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Market Research

Market research is a valuable tool for a successful business in today’s increasingly global market. Whether your business is expanding to reach a new foreign market or trying to improve its current standing on an international stage, it is crucial that your research is localised to successfully communicate to customers across the globe.

An inaccurate term or cultural reference can drastically affect the results of your marketing research project. At ONCALL, our translators and interpreters are fully qualified experts in their field, so you can be assured that they will use the appropriate marketing and PR terminology.

ONCALL is able to accurately translate documents ranging from customer surveys to complex research reports. We can also provide marketing and PR interpreting services for events such as Focus Group Meetings where your client may not speak English.

Areas of Expertise

ONCALL provides interpreters and translators experienced in a wide range of marketing and PR projects including, but not limited to:



Print & Online Advertisements

Email Marketing

Sales Presentations

Promotional Material


International SEO

Multilingual Social Media

Press Releases

Magazines & eMagazines

Multilingual Desktop


Meetings & Presentations

Surveys & Questionnaires

Research Reports