Conference Coordination

Conference Coordination

Full coordination and management of
all your conference language needs

Over 25 years of international experience means ONCALL’s conferencing division knows that a successful international conference requires a great deal of meticulous preparation and coordination. Our coordination service will help you prepare a flawless meeting with no communication barriers for absolute success!

What sets ONCALL’s conference project coordination apart from the rest is the attention to detail (risk mitigation) we provide to every client. As part of this detail-oriented approach we undertake tasks such as: matching interpreter linguistic skills with technical subject matter understanding and maintaining the security of information. We also make certain your interpreters are located close to your venue and  within walking distance whenever possible, so that they are always on time.

With a dedication to ensuring interpreting and translation services run like clockwork, the team at ONCALL will always be personally involved in conference coordination before, during, and after your event! ONCALL will also provide on-site management of language service delivery, where appropriate.

ONCALL conference coordination delivers peace of mind so you can remain focused on your conference or meeting.