Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment

Interpreting Equipment

Superior interpreters and state of the art equipment

Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment

Make listening and participating easy!

With Infrared Simultaneous (Conference) Interpreting Equipment available from ONCALL, delegates can listen to their chosen language (up to 32 languages at a time) using headphones or earpieces in comfort, and are free to move about unrestricted by wires.

ONCALL uses wireless simultaneous interpreting equipment so your signal will not leave the room, let alone reach another building! While typical UHF wireless systems broadcast right through walls, your signals are safe and secure, with no information leakage. 

In situations where the event is small and more informal, ONCALL is able to provide a mobile system. This simultaneous interpreting equipment comes in its own suitcase and does not require a technician for setup. This unit is suitable when a delegation is travelling from site to site as well as for meetings or conferences with a reduced number of participants sitting together.

ONCALL can provide a complete Conference Interpreting solution to help you plan and deliver Interpreting and  translation services specifically designed for your event, no matter how large or small! 

Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment

Available simultaneous interpreting equipment resources include:

Interpreters – ONCALL’s elite interpreters are experienced and highly qualified

Full Infrared – Simultaneous Interpreting system complete with Headsets, Microphones, Monitors and Booths (where required)

Portable/Mobile – Tour group system

Public Address Systems

No matter how big or small the conference, you can depend on us to deliver the right equipment to suit any event in any location!