Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous Interpreting

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Simultaneous Interpreting

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Has your business ever been in a situation where a conference, meeting, or other event requires an experienced simultaneous interpreter? As more and more companies operate on a global level, the need for professional simultaneous interpreting continues to grow exponentially. Simultaneous interpreting  also known as conference interpreting, is the processes of listening to, comprehending, interpreting, and rendering a speaker’s statements into another language as they carry out a conversation or presentation.  

Simultaneous Interpreting method is generally utilized in large conferences hosting delegates from various parts of the world e.g. InterPol; however, it is an option for any individual or business requiring an expert in a specific language or dialect. Simultaneous interpreting is a service involving an experienced interpreter sitting  in a booth with a microphone. The interpreter receives input from the speaker through earphones and then translates spoken words into the language of the listeners. Delegates hear the interpreter speak in their language through the use of portable receivers tuned into specific language “channels”. 

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The Process

Simultaneous interpreting requires an extremely high level of skill, with teams of two or more interpreters being utilised per language. The interpreters work in turns, relieving each other at set intervals, to ensure that fatigue and stress resulting from an intense level of concentration does not affect Quality or accuracy. Simultaneous interpreting is a beneficial service offered by ONCALL.

One Stop solution

ONCALL provides simultaneous interpreting equipment for group settings, meetings, and international conferences to ensure your delegates receive real-time language conversion without missing a beat! As part of our simultaneous interpreting service, we include the following:





PA System

Our trained technician will set up all required devices prior to the conference, speech, or meeting. They remain onsite throughout the event to ensure a professional and productive event for all.