Onsite Interpreting Services

Onsite Interpreting

There are times when the personal approach works best

On-Site Interpreting Services

Face-to-face communication with no language barriers

In certain situations, telephone interpreting may not be the most appropriate means of communication. Our onsite interpreting services offer a more personal touch through human interaction and visual contact, which may be more appropriate for complex or sensitive situations.

Onsite Interpreting

ONCALL’s qualified interpreters come to your organisation for onsite interpreting and for a wide range of face-to-face assignments including:

Individual Assignments - face-to-face interpreting

Sessional Assignments - interpreting for a specific day or duration, on a regular basis

Group Assignments - interpreting in group settings

ONCALL on-site interpreters are carefully selected to ensure the highest level of quality is provided to our clients from the onset. In addition, they are thoroughly trained and tested on their knowledge of protocol and ethics before they set foot on your site. With a network of over 7000 interpreters in over 230 languages, we can source on-site interpreting services quickly, and as close to your site as possible in order to reduce travel costs and time delays.

Community Interpreting Services

With ONCALL community interpreting services, you gain access to individuals who are:

Qualified, Accredited and Experienced

Professional and Reliable

Available 24/7

Bound by Confidentiality Agreements

Quality Management of Interpreters

All onsite interpreters registered with ONCALL have undergone strict and rigorous recruitment procedures including reference and qualification checks. Up on joining work ONCALL interpreters must attend induction training which incorporates ONCALL’s corporate vision, standards of professionalism together with client protocols and expectations. This ensures that every interpreter understands Quality requirements for both clients and ONCALL. We regularly communicate with interpreters to inform them of professional development opportunities to ensure continuous quality improvement. For our clients, this provides reassurance that a high level of on-site interpreting services will be standardized and consistent, regardless of region or language.

All on-site interpreters are sent with a feedback form to provide to each client. This feedback allows us to keep a record and continually improve our community interpreting service.

Booking Process

ONCALL has created NextGen, an industry leading, secure on-site interpreting service booking system, which can be accessed online. Equally, customers of ONCALL are able to make bookings via phone, fax, or email or a combination – we are completely flexible!

Once the interpreter has been booked, confirmation is sent to the client with the name of the booked professional via their preferred communication method.