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Certified Document Translation

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Certified Document translations are required for variety of purposes by Government departments. Documents in foreign languages must be produced and presented in a particular format thereby ensuring accuracy and currency of the document. Certified Document Translation ensures fulfillment of this key requirement and offers total assurance of the relevance and accuracy of the translated document. In Australia, a translated document is valid only if certified by a NAATI approved Translator.

The need for certified documents

When relying on the accuracy of a translated document, you need to be certain it represents the original text and has been translated by a NAATI recognized professional. NAATI recognized professionals have the required authority to certify the accuracy of the translated document.

Qualified Translators

ONCALL recruits only the most qualified and experienced translators to ensure the highest level of Quality and accuracy is provided regardless of where you are in the world.  Whether a birth certificate, driver’s license, or any other personal document requires certified document translation. ONCALL will be able to accurately complete document translation and take the necessary steps for certification. ONCALL provides Certified Document translations for variety of official purposes such as Migration, Overseas Drivers License, Land deeds, Employment letters, Letters of Reference, Overseas qualifications etc.

Authorized Translators

ONCALL project managers have access to thousands of qualified translators. They will find an experienced translator who can certify your translation specific to the target country within the shortest possible turnaround time.

ONCALL understands that occasionally certified document translations are urgent and we will always endeavour to translate your document(s) within specified time-frames.

Certified Document Translations

Typical document translations that may require certification are:

Birth Certificates

Death Certificates

Marriage Certificates

Divorce Certificates

Drivers Licences


Education Applications and Enrolment Paperwork

Police Clearances

Legal Statements

Medical Records

Employment References

Education Transcripts

Wills & Last Testaments

Our translators are professionals trained and well-versed in over 150 languages and dialects to ensure your precise document translation needs are met.You can depend on an ONCALL certified translation when you need it the most!