Multilingual Desktop Publishing

Multilingual Desktop Publishing (Typesetting)

Translation from one language to another has substantial impact on the graphical layout of documents

Multilingual Desktop Publishing (Typesetting)

Deliver the right message without affecting the design

Desktop publishing (abbreviated DTP) leads to development of sophisticated documents using page layout skills on a personal computer.The process involves use of advanced softwares and programs to ensure quality, consistency and appearance. Our Multi-lingual Desktop Publishing Experts ensure use of appropriate technology tool to maintain the Quality, Consistency and Appearance.


ONCALL’s qualified and experienced multilingual desktop publishing team works with standard, complex and technical documents in all fields including scientific, medical, political, educational, legal and commercial, to provide you with a fuss-free, seamless translation experience.

Why Multilingual Desktop Publishing?

Translation of technical or promotional material from one language into another has substantial impact on the graphical layout of documents. Getting this wrong can mean commercial and cultural embarrassment, or worse, put reputation and/or revenue at risk.

ONCALL’s expert multilingual desktop publishing (DTP) ensures professional presentation of translated media for publication in any language and in any design format.  Whether you need to translate word documents or highly complex written communication, our team offers the experience necessary to provide a flawless interpretation and presentation.

Platforms and Software

ONCALL works with an extensive range of platforms and software for multilingual desktop publishing including:

Adobe InDesign®

Adobe Illustrator®

Adobe Photoshop®

Adobe PageMaker®



Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft Publisher

If required, ONCALL can liaise directly with your printer to ensure compatibility of final multilingual desktop publishing translations with the utilised system or software. Our professional translators can translate word documents or other forms of written communication with ease and accuracy to ensure language barriers do not prevent you from delivering the right message!