Translation Memory


Translation Memory

Streamlining the translation process...

Translation Memory or Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) is not only used by large, international organisations but throughout the translation industry to ensure a sentence or phrase only has been translated once. With CAT, you never have to translate a sentence or phrase again!

Translation Memory Software may be used to store your previously translated data for re-use on future translation projects. This approachcan reduce time to market and expenditure by up to 70% whilst improving consistency of your brand, message and terminology.

ONCALL will work with you to create and manage a Translation Memory for your organisation. Alternatively, we can work with any existing Translation Memories and start providing cost savings straight away! We offer discounts for 100% matches as well as fuzzy matches from 75%.

ONCALL utilises only the most qualified, experienced translators in Australia to ensure a high level of quality and accuracy is provided to clients. Our experts are able to work with several types of Translation Memory Software including: