Update on ONCALL’s Response to COVID-19

Update on ONCALL’s Response to COVID-19


The COVID-19 virus is affecting millions of people and their families; first and foremost, our thoughts are with those who are personally impacted. Considering the rapidly evolving spread of the virus over the past weeks, ONCALL has implemented some important measures to ensure the well-being of its staff, interpreters and clients as well as to ensure business continuity.

Such measures include transitioning to a remote working model for all ONCALL State offices and staff since the beginning of this month. ONCALL’s IT department has implemented a new simple and flexible, cloud-based telephony system which has allowed ONCALL to continue to provide responsive customer service for clients from staff working remotely. This process has been supported by ONCALL’s Capability team who have prepared and delivered training sessions to all staff and who continue to provide continued support and guidance during the transition.

As we have seen a marked shift from onsite to remote interpreter requests during the past few weeks, ONCALL is also in the process of rolling out VoiceConnect, a fully automated and on-demand telephone interpreting platform. Further updates and information on how to access this service for your organisation will follow shortly.

ONCALL has also been reviewing the way in which video conference interpreting services are delivered by interpreters working from home to ensure that we can continue to deliver and increase availability of this service via a range of platforms.

For all remote interpreting solutions, ONCALL has been engaging regularly with and supporting the interpreter workforce to ensure that they are trained and available to accept remote interpreting requests.

The Senior Management team at ONCALL continues to closely monitor developments in Australia and globally, including following guidance provided by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as well as national and State authorities.

ONCALL will take any further actions as necessary in order to minimise disruption to its core business while ensuring the well-being of its staff, interpreters and clients.

Wishing you, your families and colleagues stay safe during this time.